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Alu-Ramp Light

Alu-Ramp Lightramps are used by moving companies, furniture companies, beverage carriers and many more. This ramp works as a lightweight aluminum skid with punched hole surface for grip and is ideal for open back trailers and pick-ups.

The Alu-Ramp Light have a specially designed surface for loading trucks or cases with small wheels. The anti-slip surface also allows rain and snow to disperse easily. The Alu-Ramp offers an excellent balance between low weight and high load capacity, especially for those only with occasional use.

Robust and easy to handle, these ramps can also be used for loading and unloading items such as motorcycles, high pressure washers, generators, and wheelchairs as well as pallet and lawnmowers. Their profile allows them to be stacked into each other for easy storage.

For these type of applications on to panel vans, we would first recommend our unique van folding ramp range for safe and efficient loading.

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Alu-Ramp Light technical data