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Alu-Ramp Midi

Alu-Ramp Midi is ideal for loading vehicles with rubber tracks or tires from different small and heavy equipment to trucks with wider tracks and tires such as dumpers and tractors with wheels. The Alu-Ramp Midi is designed to be used with trailers, artic, tipper & flatbed vehicles.

The surface’s profile is extruded from an aluminium alloy of high quality that ensures longevity, even with constant use. The width of the ramps vary from 28 to 37 mm and standard lengths of 2000mm to 5000mm.

Alu-Ramp Midi is made of aluminium construction for strength, durability and weather resistance. The Midi range is mainly designed for Plant Machinery, including mini-diggers, excavators, JCB's and dumpers up to 5000kg / 5 tonne capacity. Anything over this would be in the Alu-Ramp HD range.

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Alu-Ramp Midi technical data