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Fixed Ramps


WM System fixed ramps are the perfect loading solution for those only requiring access onto their vehicle by using a ramp. Being fixed on to the vehicle means loading and unloading is quick and convenient whilst offering optimum safety.

As with our PC Swivel range, we currently offer two surface options of Shot-Blasted Aluminium (ME), or Galvanised Expanded Metal Mesh (ME-R). Both offer excellent hardwearing non-slip surfaces, ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

The preference of surface is ultimately down to the end-user, although we recommend that smaller wheeled equipment and goods over 500kg would benefit from the ME Shot-Blasted Aluminium Range. For larger tyres such as Motorcycles and lawnmowers (up to 500kg), we recommend the ME-R Galvanised Mesh Range for maximum grip, while allowing any dirt to fall through the mesh.

Our spring-assisted fixed ramps come in a standard 2 piece folding system, although one and three piece ramps are available if they best suit the vehicle and loading application.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Our friendly staff are on hand to help and advise as to the best solution for you loading needs.

To find out more information about the different types of loading angles, click on the link below

Formula For Calculating The Loading Angle