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Van Lining

WM System are proud to offer our new van lining product "HYGIELINE". HYGIELINE is made from GRP Fibreglass specifically for each vehicle to maximise the space inside the load area.

HYGIELINE is a van lining kit made of pre-moulded panels shaped to fit inside the van interior, designed to have minimal impact on the loading capactiy and volume of your vehicle.

The main benefits of the HYGIELINE van lining is:


Lighter compared to ATP insulation (3-5mm thick) and does not require any updating in the vehicle registration document.
Easy to clean.
Easy to fit (4-6 hours according to the model)
Removable and transferable on another identical vehicle.
Designed and produced according to EN ISO 9001
certified procedures.

HYGIELINE is ideal for transporting:
Pharmaceuticals and medicines meeting new GDP Guidelines
Medical Loan Equipment
Food within H.A.C.C.P control
Hazardous materials under ADR
Animals & Private Ambulance
Flowers & Plants

To view a PDF leaflet about the HYGIELINE van lining