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Mesh Ramps


With the latest addition of the WM Light-R ramps, we have two main types of mesh style ramps on offer. The lightweight aluminium range adds to the ever popular ME-R Fixed and PC-R Swivel ranges.

The main advantage of a mesh type ramp over a solid surface is the extra grip offered during loading big wheeled equipment such a Motorcycles and Ride-on Lawnmowers. Our standard capacities in the mesh range are 300kg and 500kg, although we have re-enforced our ramps to take up to 750kg capacity if necessary.

An added benefit to using a mesh ramp is that any soil or fluid can fall through either the expanded metal or aluminium surface, making it safer to load in these conditions and easier to keep clean. For those with pick-up trucks, the mesh ramps are much less wind resistant and offer a clearer view for those with rear windows in their vans.

To find out more information about the different types of loading angles, click on the link below

Formula For Calculating The Loading Angle