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Special Ramps


Here at WM System, we believe in offering as much choice as possible. We can make our ramps to your exact size and capacity requirements (vehicle pending), and will always do our best to cater for your specific needs. Our range currently extends to over 600 different options of sizes, capacity and type of ramp.

Please ask us about any requirement you may have. Our options include:-

•  Dock-Loading Ramp (no need for support legs)

•  Side Edges (foldable or fixed)

•  Right Hand Side Swivel (on our PC / PC-R ramps)

•  Special Extended Feet

•  Side Support Kit (vehicle pending)

•  Double spring hub (on our ME / ME-R ramps)

•  Special Paint / Company Colours

In addition to our standard bi-folding two piece ramps, we also offer one and three piece solutions. We understand that the loading angle can be critical for your loading and always look to provide the optimum loading solution for your requirements.

To find out more information about the different types of loading angles, click on the link below

Formula For Calculating The Loading Angle