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WM Light Plus Swivel

The WM Light Plus model ramp is an exciting  new addition to our  unique  product range. The ramp is a variant of the WM Light ramp range and offers greater performance levels which include a new swivel kit,  which is  faster and easier to use . This is  installed as standard on every  WM Light Plus  ramp. The new anchor base (L-form) allows you the opportunity to extend the width available, from 40cm to 120 cm . T he capacity of the ramp  up to 95cm width is uprated  to  600kg, allowing even more flexibility .

Like the WM Light ramp, the WM Light P l us is made out of  lightweight  aluminium . Along with t he  wheel kit and  counter-balanced  spring , this allows for a great loading experience where it's virtually an effortless one person operation . On request, an internal swivel kit is  also  available to open the ramp  internally to be located against the vehicle wheel arch .

To find out more information take a look at our brochure via the link below

WM Light Plus Brochure