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New WM Easy

The innovative WM Easy Loading Ramp has been designed to meet the needs of speed, effciency and space, in response to the evolving Light Commercial Vehicle market. The WM Easy series enhances the range of WM Ramps, with three main innovations:

- The new movement with lateral positioning, agile and easy to use, allows the cargo area to be completly uninterrupted for normal use.

- The Floor surface is anti-slip aluminium, perforated with alterning convex holes, made exclusivly by WM. Thanks to this material, the ramp is extremly light and safe during loading and unloading.

- The new special hook fastening keeps the floor of the vehicle completly flush. The yellow reflective sides helps the ramp be vesible even in low-light conditions. The ramp is constructed in aluminium, with a loading capacity of 300 KG and it's equipped with anti-fall lateral edges on each side. This model of ramp is available in an 80cm width, with lenghts between 200 and 250cm. The WM Easy ramp can be installed on any type of commercial vehicle, thanks to its positioning/fitting at the side that minimises the overall dimensions and ensures full visibility at the back.

To find out more information take a look at our brochure via the link below

WM Easy Brochure