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Alu-Ramp HD

The Alu-Ramp HD is a Heavy Duty aluminium ramp designed for heavy plant machinery use. Great for loading excavators, JCBs, tractors and dumper trucks onto a tipper body and flat bed vehicles.


  • Strong aluminium ramps
  • Great for heavy industrial use
  • Flat or raised sides edges

Dimensions and Load Capacity

  • WIDTH: ranging from 37cm to 620cm
  • LENGTH: ranging from 200cm to 500cm
  • MAXIMUM LOADING CAPACITY: ranging from 2200kg to 12000kg
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Additional Information

The Alu-Ramp HD range comes with a standard curved flap connection as standard. There are several different connections available, from a tube fitting, hook on and special trailer connectors.

This ramp is TUV Certified and comes with a two-year guarantee.

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