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PC-R Mesh Swivel

Our PC-R Mesh Swivel range offers the versatility required for those who need access into their vehicles without using the ramp. This unique system uses our patented design to quickly and easily swivel in and out of the way as required. When not in use, the ramp effectively opens and closes as an internal third door.

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As with our ME-R Mesh Fixed range, the ramps are rated to 500kg capacity with the aid of spring positioned feet. The PC-R range comes in twelve standard sizes, although they can be manufactured to your bespoke requirements.

The PC-R is suitable for loading goods with large, tyred wheels. They have an expanded metal surface to allow easy cleaning and a hot-galvanised finish to increase lifespan. It is available with a horizontal swivel option (PC-R) in addition to the standard vertical opening (ME-R).

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