WM System

WM System

WM Light Plus

The WM Light Plus swivel loading ramp is constructed from reinforced aluminium making it strong, lightweight and very easy to use thanks to its spring-assisted system. The built-in external swivel allows full access to the rear of the vehicle if required.


  • External swivel option as standard. Internal swivel optional
  • Anti-slip anodised aluminium surface
  • Safety edges (6cm)
  • Flexible section onto van floor
  • Equipped with wheels
  • Dock loading pin

Dimensions and Load Capacity

  • WIDTH: ranging from 40cm to 120cm
  • LENGTH: ranging from 175cm to 325cm
  • MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: ranging from 400kg to 600kg
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Additional Information

The built-in swivel feature allows the ramp to pivot externally at 90 degrees providing unobstructed access into the rear of the vehicle. An internal swivel kit is available as an option but must be requested at time of order.

The anti-slip surface provides a safe loading platform with raised lateral anti-fall edges increasing load safety. A flexible section situated at the top and bottom of the ramp provides a smooth transition onto the ramp and into the vehicle.

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