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WM Telescopic

The WM TELESCOPIC is a mobile ramp characterised by its practicality and simplicity. The pair of telescopic ramps are designed to provide a safe non-fixed connection onto the vehicle, they come with side handles for easy transport and occupy minimal space when not is use.


  • Safe and non-fixed connection to the vehicle
  • Equipped with handle for easy transport
  • Safety edges (5cm)
  • Anti-slip anodised aluminium perforated surface

Dimensions and Load Capacity

  • WIDTH: 18.5cm
  • LENGTHS: 150cm, 200cm, 225cm, 250cm, 300cm
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Additional Information

The WM TELESCOPIC is a lightweight loading ramp equipped with an adjustable rest-on connection system promising easy use and the capability to adapt to all vehicle heights and surfaces. Although this ramp is not permanently fixed to the vehicle, it is designed to guarantee a secure connection into the loading area.

For storing the ramps, one side of the ramp slides into the other and use of the locking hook allows the system to be easily and securely fastened.

The WM TELESCOPIC ramp can be sold individually or in pairs, depending on the requirements of the application.

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