WM System


In all our experience of specialising in van loading ramps, we believe that the most suited application for our ramps is to load any wheeled goods into commercial vans. Be it a Ford Transit Connect or a Mercedes Sprinter, we are sure to have the aluminium van folding ramps best suited for your vehicle and the goods you are loading into it.

Our unique loading ramps are also well suited to specially converted vehicles, trailers and Luton Bodies. In fact, we have yet to find a Light Commercial Vehicle that we can’t fit our aluminium vehicle ramps onto.

The type of vehicle ramp fitted onto the vehicle usually depends on the goods being loaded and the overall application of the van. If the vehicle is being used for forklift loading at one end and then need a ramp to unload at the other, the ideal model from our range has proven to be the PC Swivel model. This is also a must if quick access is required without dropping the ramp down.

As there are hundreds of different combinations of vehicle makes, models, wheel bases and roof heights, we prefer if possible to discuss the individual requirement of our customer in order to advise the best solution for their loading needs. Our friendly and experienced sales team are always ready to help discuss your aluminium vehicle ramp requirements.

All of our van folding ramp models can be fitted onto any van. The only restriction is to which size aluminium ramp that can be fitted and is usually dependant on the width and height of the vehicle door opening. We can offer you any size vehicle ramps you require under the maximum size for your vehicle. Which surface, capacity and how it is fixed, will be down to your application and what is being loaded.