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WM Light Plus

WM Light Plus

The WM Light Plus swivel loading ramp is constructed from reinforced aluminium making it strong, lightweight and very easy to use thanks to its spring-assi... Full Spec
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WM Light

The aluminium WM LIGHT is an extremely versatile and lightweight spring-assisted ramp equipped with a quick connection and release system. ... Full Spec
Wm Ready Foto Copertina Volantino

WM Ready Entry Ramp

The SUPERLIGHT ramp is the entry-level folding, easy loading solution from WM System. With its gas spring- assisted system the ramp is super lightweight to... Full Spec
Alu Light 80X200

Alu-Ramp Light

The Alu-Ramp Light ramps are our entry-level aluminium loading ramps, suitable for lightweight loading and unloading. This ramp works as a simple lightweig... Full Spec
Wm Mobile 6

WM Mobile

The aluminium WM MOBILE is a simple ramp solution for those who do not want permanent fixings on the van. When not in use the WM Mobile folds in half and c... Full Spec
Wm Easy Ducato3

WM Easy

The innovative WM Easy aluminium loading ramp has been designed to meet the needs of speed, efficiency and space in the constantly evolving light commercia... Full Spec
Wm Telescopic List

WM Telescopic

The WM TELESCOPIC is a mobile ramp characterised by its practicality and simplicity. The pair of telescopic ramps are designed to provide a safe non-fixed ... Full Spec