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PC Heavy Duty

The PC is the most complete and practical of WM System’s loading ramps. Suitable for most loading and weight requirements, it is extremely practical thanks... Full Spec
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WM Light Plus

The WM Light Plus loading ramp is constructed from reinforced aluminium making it lightweight and very easy to use due to its spring assisted system.... Full Spec
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PC-R Mesh Swivel

Our PC-R Mesh Swivel range offers the versatility required for those who need access into their vehicles without using the ramp. This unique system uses ou... Full Spec
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ME-R Mesh

The PC-R and ME-R are suitable for loading goods with large, tyred wheels. They have an expanded metal surface to allow easy cleaning and are hot-galvanize... Full Spec
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WM Light

The WM LIGHT, made of aluminium, is extremely lightweight due to its spring-assisted system. Equipped with a quick connect and release system, the WM Light... Full Spec
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WM Superlight

The SUPERLIGHT ramp is the entry level folding loading ramp from WM System; with its gas spring assistance the ramp is super lightweight to operate. SUPERL... Full Spec
Me 137 Ducato

ME Heavy Duty

The ME Fixed range is an excellent option for those who need the reliability of a heavy duty spring assisted ramp, but do not need access through the door ... Full Spec
Alu Light 80X200

Alu-Ramp Light

Alu-Ramp Light ramps are our entry level aluminium ramps used for lightweight lawnmowers, furniture and removals, trolleys and many more. This ramp works a... Full Spec
Alu Midi

Alu-Ramp Midi

Medium weight aluminium ramps designed for professional use. Main uses are for loading tyres machinery such as quad bikes, tractors, cars on to flat bed, b... Full Spec
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Alu-Ramp HD

Heavy Duty aluminium ramps, designed for heavy plant machinery use. Main uses are for loading excavators, JCBs, tractors, dumper trucks on to tipper body &... Full Spec
Wm Mobile 6

WM Mobile

Full Spec
Wm Mobile 6

WM Mobile

The WM MOBILE, made of aluminium, is a simple ramp solution for those who do not want permanent fixings on the van. There is no spring on this ramp, but it... Full Spec